3 Basic Office Security Practices

Security practices within a business are of the utmost importance, particularly in today's increasingly online world. Protocols, both physical and digital, must be put into place to ensure the security of both your employees and any client data you might be holding onto. Getting everyone on board with keeping your office secure is the first step, but here we're going to lay out three other ways you can ensure that your office, and everyone in it, is kept safe and sound so you can worry a little less about that and focus more on the work you actually have to do.

Instill a Recognition Policy within the Office

Chances are good that your office is small enough that each employee should at least recognize the other people they work with. This is important when it comes to keeping your office secure because it means that one employee shouldn't ever grant access to the office to someone they aren't entirely sure works there too. Security Doctors, a company offering business security systems in Chicago, highly recommends that you establish a rule of visitor check-ins and that employees do not allow guests to bypass the system. By keeping the office on a state of "lockdown" where people who aren't supposed to be there, well, aren't, you'll be ensuring that no one with any ulterior motives or intentions enters the premises. This keeps both your employees and your data secure from outside prying eyes.

This is especially important when it comes to smaller businesses or offices, though, where you might not have a designated security personnel in the building itself. By having everyone take this into their hands, you're all responsible and feel a sense of duty to the office.

Keep the Lights On -- Or Some of Them

This one might not seem the most economical, but there are ways to ensure that it is while also serving an important purpose. Install motion-activated lights. If someone enters your office at night, when the lights come on they'll most often be startled enough to leave, thinking someone else is there who might catch them in the act.

Install a Security Monitoring System

Like we said before, your office building might not have a designated security personnel, which means you should take it upon yourself to keep a CCTV system in close proximity to the entrances of your office. While the footage can come in useful after an incident, it can also help to deter anyone trying to enter your office without a reason.